Agility Classes


Exercise, entertainment, excitement, and tons of fun all wrapped up in one rip-roaring canine sporting event – Agility! Your dog runs through obstacle courses, leaps over hurdles, and maneuvers through tunnels while you coach and cheer him on! We offer six levels of agility training, from Beginner to Advanced classes, with courses set to accommodate dogs of different abilities. Improve your dog’s cardio, coordination and confidence – with Agility Training!

Dog agility is a fast-growing sport where the dog learns how to navigate the obstacles while the handler learns how to instruct the dog around the agility course.

Does your dog have the ability – for Agility? Field of Dreams can help you find out with our weekly Agility Training classes!

But Agility provides many other benefits as well:


  • Exercise: Agility will keep your dog physically fit and healthy, increase his endurance, tone his muscles – and burn excess energy so he’s better-behaved
  • Alertness: Agility uses the same natural mental/physical coordination skills that dogs used throughout their evolution to chase and catch prey – but harmlessly so no one gets hurt
  • Bonding: Agility is a team sport in that you coach your dog and cheer him on as he runs the course – providing him with positive attention that strengthens the bonds of trust and rapport between you
  • Confidence: Being physically fit, mentally agile, and in synch with you will make your dog more self-assured and adaptable to new experiences – allowing you to take him more places

Granted, some dogs and breeds are more suited to agility because of their physique, age, and temperament. But we offer six levels of agility training, from Beginner to Advanced classes, with course challenges set to accommodate dogs of different abilities. So just about any dog can play Agility at Field of Dreams!

Agility Classes Offered

Beginner Agility Class – 7 weeks  

  • This class introduces you and your dog to the agility equipment while keeping it near the ground
  • We begin working on your handling so you can instruct your dog to continue to each obstacle
  • We help you condition your dog and get him in shape for agility
  • Your dog runs some obstacles off-leash

Advanced Beginner Agility Class – 6 weeks

  • The equipment starts out low but we begin to raise the height
  • Your dog is off-leash around the other dogs while performing the exercises
  • We work on strengthening your handling ability
  • Your dog runs more obstacles

Novice Agility – 6 weeks

  • The equipment continues to be raised in height
  • You and your dog begin to learn distance work
  • You continue learning more complex handling techniques

Intermediate Agility Class – 6 weeks

  • The equipment is now at full height
  • You work on more advanced distance work
  • You and your dog run full courses

Advanced Agility Class – 6 weeks

  • You and your dog run full advanced Agility courses with equipment raised high


Beginner Agility
$130 /6 Weeks
Tuesday 6/4/2024 – 7/9/2024
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
This will be an 6 week session.
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