Puppy Pre-School


There is so much to learn! Let out trainers take the stress out of your puppy’s daily routine. Our new program will prioritize socialization, Safety and good manners for these young and impressionable kids. Because of the special needs for puppies, all dogs under 6 months of age will be automatically enrolled in this program when they begin day school at Field of Dreams. We want to make sure your puppy is set up for a life time of success!



Supervised by certified dog trainers who understand the developmental stages your puppy is going through so they can adjust programming to fit their needs.

Prioritizing appropriate dog socialization: This program will pair you puppy with socially appropriate playmates of the same age or puppy savvy adult in small, closely monitored play sessions in order to promote proper social skills. No one wants their puppy picking up bad habits at school

Beyond dog socialization: Socialization is not just about meeting dogs and people, its about experiencing new things in a safe and confidence building way. Each day will include a novel activity to help your puppy feel confident and ready to take on the world.

Reinforcing good manners: Each day will include some basic life skills training time.

Special attention to potty training schedules

Nap time: puppies need 18 hours of quality sleep each day which isn’t possible in the hustle and bustle of a standard daycare. Puppies will be crated in their own quiet zone so that they can get the sleep they need to process the great big adventures they’re having.

Prioritized safety: As part of this program, puppies will be exposed to a small number of dogs and housed away from the main daycare population not only for sleep but for reduced risk of disease transmission.