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Karen Hough – Owner

Owning Field Of Dreams is a dream come true. Dogs have been a part of my life for a long as I can remember. My parents raised Schnauzers and my first dog was a stray we found in Las Cruses, NM at a dump site. As a young girl and into my teens I raised and trained horses. As I reached my 20′s, I became interested in dog training. Pursuing my life’s passion of dog training enticed me to explore some interesting paths and rewarding opportunities working with exceptional people and dogs. I am immensely grateful for those opportunities.

Roanoke Dog Trainer Karen Hough

Since co-founding Star City Canine Club in 1995 and devoting four and a half years to the inspiring mission of Saint Francis Service Dog Foundation as Director of Training – developing the service dog training program, puppy classes, recipient training classes and the prison-pup-partnership – I discovered that miracles usually happen in unexpected ways! In 2005 I was provided an opportunity to pursue Field of Dreams on a full-time basis.

Another passion is education. I have attended many seminars and workshops in agility training and instructing. I have attended the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Annual Conference, Clicker Expo and the Clean Run Instructor Conference.

I helped the Roanoke Valley SPCA in their institution of the Open Paw program. This program is designed to help shelter dogs develop the skills to help them be more adoptable.

I share my life with my husband, my Australian Shepherd and Smooth Collie.

Roanoke Dog Trainer Karen Hough

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