Dog Day Care

How to register your dog for day school

We’re glad that you’ve decided to join our Field of Dreams Day School family! We look forward to meeting you and your dog soon. In order to schedule your dog for day school, we will need some administrative paperwork.

  • We will need a completed application. You can download our current day school application from this website and fill it out. View Application
  • You will need to sign a waiver in person on your first day of school.
  • We will need proof of DAP (or whatever variant your vet gives) and Rabies vaccines to the extent of your dog’s age.
  • All puppies and dogs who attend Day School must have a current Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccine. We would recommend a flu vaccine as well but it is at the discretion of you and your vet.
  • You or your vet can email them to [email protected].

You are welcome to contact us to arrange a tour of our facility before your dog begins attending day school. We offer tours Monday through Friday from 10-3 on a drop in basis. There is no appointment necessary if you stop by during this time. If you are unable to visit us during those hours, please contact us at 540-345-3647 or [email protected] to arrange a time that fits your schedule. Tours are for humans only! Taking a tour is not required for your dog to start coming to day school.

As soon as your dog’s record is complete, we can schedule his or her first day in school with us! We hope to see you soon!

Where your dog will learn, socialize and be involved in activities throughout the day

  • Hours of Operation : 7am – 7pm Monday – Friday
  • Phone : (540) 345-DOGS (3647)

Doggie Day School Application.

The traditional style of doggy day care is to turn dogs out into a large yard and let them be responsible for exercising themselves. When your dog comes to Field of Dreams Doggie Day School your dog will engage in our structured Doggie Day School program, Your dog will enjoy playing with staff, learning obedience exercises, socialization in small groups of 5 or less, and nap time.

All off leash play will be monitored by our qualified staff. Your dog will get the opportunity to play in a structured environment. These dogs are selected based on play styles and temperament. We want your dog to be happy to come to Day School. Our goal is for your dog to go home tired but happy from mental stimulation and play.

When your dog comes to Field of Dreams Doggie Day School we will work on reinforcing the positive behaviors. We encourage dogs with one-on-one training not to jump up on people or bark while at day school. Our goal is for this to carry over to your home environment.

Standard Doggie Day School Activities

Walking -All dogs get walked as soon as they arrive. They also get walked several times during the day in between their other activities.

Socialization-Once your dog has had a behavioral assessment, your dog will be grouped with 3 – 5 other dogs who have the same play style to minimize injuries and/or bullying. Socialization groups are conducted outside in our enclosures and are always monitored with a staff member. The dogs will get several play times per day weather permitting. Your dog will play inside when adverse weather conditions exist.

Nap time – All dogs get a break in between activities. This break is very important. It gives the dogs the opportunity to relax so they don’t become over excited while involved in our play group sessions. Some dogs are able to regulate themselves in a large free roam style daycare but others are not. Dogs that are overly tired will make poor choices and get themselves in trouble.

Impulse Control  – As dogs go about their day, they are learning to implement impulse control in various ways.  We work on kennel manners, which is teaching the dogs in our care that they need to be calm and give attention to their handler before they are released from their kennel to join their playmates.  We also request that dogs sit and give us attention at each entry and exit to our building to help them handle the excitement inherent in changing environments.

Supplemental Training (additional fee) – Dogs receive a minimum of one (10-15 minute) training session a day.


  • 1/2 Day – $20*
  • Single visit – $30*
  • 10 prepaid visits – $275*
  • 20 prepaid visits – $475*

*Needs to be used within 3 months of purchase date. Excludes special holidays.

Doggie Day School for Introverts

Not every dog is a fan of playing with other dogs and that is just fine! Many dogs just want to hang with humans and enjoy extra mental stimulation during the day without the pressure of dog socialization. This program is well suited for dogs that do not enjoy the typical daycare experience but still need something to do during the day.

Dogs opting for this program will receive one on one care from our training staff to make sure they are comfortable and happy in the hustle and bustle of a daycare. We have dedicated a special quiet room for this program.

Daily activities will include numerous walks, enrichment puzzles of all kinds, training games, snuggle time, fetch, sniffing games and more. Trainers will work with your dog to customize their activities so that they get to try new things but get a little more of what they really enjoy each day.  Make sure you include their favorite activities in their application!


  • 1/2 Day – $20*
  • Single visit – $30*
  • 10 prepaid visits – $250*
  • 20 prepaid visits – $500*