Train to Adopt

This is a free class based on Sue Sternberg’s Train To Adopt Program for people who are fostering dogs for a shelter or through a rescue organization, or for dogs still in a shelter waiting to be adopted. Classes are Saturdays at 12:00 noon. All dogs that attend this program must be dog and people friendly. When a person brings a dog, that dog should continue in the program until they are adopted. Read more about the class benefits.

Contact Ann Marie to sign up for this class.

What to Bring to Class

Your dog should wear a flat collar or harness, and you should have a 4-6 ft. leash (not a flexi-lead). Please bring water and bowl for your dog, and bring a bag of soft small delicious treats.

Class Benefits

Imagine a potential adopter walking into your shelter and visiting with a dog who can sit, show self-control, and calm himself even when excited. Imagine a potential adopter who sees a shelter dog as partially trained and is inspired to do more training with the dog since the dog knows more than their previous dog ever did!

When a shelter spends time training and working with its dogs, everyone benefits. The mental stimulation from the training can help prevent the dog from succumbing to the stressful and harmful effects of kenneling.